Educating for the future

About us

Noor Foundation is a registered charity organizations in United Kingdom and United states of America. UK registered charity (No. 1138656 ) and USA 501 (c ) (3) EIN number 45-2180069

Noor foundation was founded for providing primary  educational programs that will support the growth, development of schools and creation of opportunities for children in both rural and urban areas of  Somalia and across the horn of Africa as a whole.

Education is a fundamental human right for every child.  It promotes individual freedom, empowerment and yields development benefits. Yet millions of children and adults remain deprived of educational opportunities, many as a result of poverty and other manmade disasters


The programs will ultimately generate community development that in turn will hopefully produce aspirations for the children and their families to enhance their lives and inspire to become future doctors, teachers, engineers and scientists.

The organization envisions ultimately the establishment of schools in all rural villages of Qandala District and that these schools will become source of community development and innovation.

To embark these enormous tasks, Noor-foundation hopes to harness the generosity of its donors and individuals of goodwill to contribute the finances of such charitable projects now and in the future.

Problems / Causes for charity establishment

Our target area, Qandala Catchment Zone, has numerous problems which are typical of that region main of which are:

  1. No access to conventional schools
    1. There were many attempts to create local schools by INGO’s latest of which are UNCHR, all failed because:
      1. lack of long term funding
      1. lack of engagement with local community, i.e. trying to manage the school from field offices being in big cities, i.e Bosaso
      1. failure to make local and diaspora community involved in those project
      1. lack of local knowledge
  2. Many children being lured into sea piracy gangs and many of the ring leaders of originated from that region
  3. High level of illiteracy among inhabitants