Educating for the future

What we do

Noor Foundation provides education for children in our target communities to reach their full potential!

Throughout the world, in particular developed countries, it’s the obligation of the government to ensure access to education for every child without discrimination or exclusion. It is for the governments to fulfill their obligations towards their people but unfortunately such commitment and aspirations are not adhered in Somalia because of lack of central government, and continue civil war that is raging in most of the country for last 20 years.

School Building

We are in search of opportunities to help as many children as possible. We approach and build schools for the communities we serve if the funds are found.

We Educate

Today’s children particularly those in remote communities need a helpful hand to get a basic education to reach their potential. 

We Provide Training

We train and recruit best teachers for our schools to  provide best education for the children and the community as a whole.

Progression and Encouragement

We encourage students of NF schools to continue their education at higher education institutions and universities. Many of those children are now teachers, doctors, and engineers themselves, helping the country and the community.

We Advocate

Community cohesion is important to flourish among the people to advance the common goal of development and peace. NF teams work with community leaders to advance peace. 

We Strengthen

We believe that education, and employment give people the inner strength to lead a better life. NF focuses more on self-reliance and self-belief among the communities. 

What we care for

Expert Led Trainings

Improving and training teachers and NF staff members.

Improving lives

We have built schools in different towns and villages in the Bari region of Puntland State, Somalia, so children can learn and develop their potential to help themselves and the community at large.

A bright future for all children

Educate girls to educate a nation.

Helping our community is fundamental principles of NF founding reasons. 

Bright future for all.

Bringing dreams within reach for children

It is unacceptable that our children do not have access to basic education in the 21st century, and we strive to provide education and comfort for every child in our community to help them achieve their dreams.